Soup: Chef’s Daily Creation | 8

Theresa’s Organic Romaine: Sundried Tomato
and Sunflower Seed Pesto, Provolone, Croutons,
White Anchovies | 13

Fried Green Tomato: Shaved Fennel and Bell Peppers, Avocado, Papalo, Mezcal Emulsion | 13

Jersey Corn Salad: Lima Beans, Cubanelle  Pepper,
Dry Jack, Lime Nutmeg Crema | 13

Tempura Squash Blossom: Goat Cheese, Cucumber,
Melon, Hazelnuts, Tarragon | 14

Black Truffle Ricotta Gnocchi: Broccoli Pistachio
Pesto, Parmigiano-Reggiano | 15

Griddled Shibumi Farm Mushrooms: Shishito
Peppers, Egg, Black Garlic, Sherry Gastrique | 16

Cacio e Pepe: Fresh Cut Spaghetti,
Pecorino Romano | 19



House Smoked Salmon: Sunchoke Tartare,
Caperberry, Pumpernickel, Crème Fraîche | 15

Seared Day Boat Sea Scallops: Corn Risotto,
Pea Shoots, Brown Butter Sauce | 17

Cured Tuna Sashimi: Cucumber, Tobiko,
Lemongrass Broth | 17

Half Shell Oysters: Red Wine Mignonette Granita | 18

Crispy Portuguese Octopus: Jasmine Rice,
Nori, Miso, Teriyaki | 19

Chilled 1 Pound Lobster: Caramelized Baby Fennel,           Catalina Mayonnaise, Gaufrette Potato | 24

Grilled Local Monkfish: Saffron Chickpea Puree, Marinated Heirloom Peppers, Za’atar | 25

Whole Roasted Black Sea Bass: Cherry Tomatoes,
Carrots, Sour Orange, Herbs, Olive Oil | 37


Almond Cauliflower Puree | 8

Baked Macaroni and Aged Gouda | 9

Sweet Potato Fries | 8

Sautéed Spinach with Miso and Sesame | 8

Hand Cut Truffle Fries | 9

Charred Romano Beans with Bacon | 9

Roasted Marble Potatoes | 8


Chicken Liver Pâté: Pickled Vegetables, Dijon,
Whole Wheat Toast | 9

Spicy Pork Rillons: Pea Greens, Cornichons,
Apple Thyme Dressing | 9

House Made Weisswurst: Arugula,
Beer Mustard, Soft Pretzel | 15

Crispy Pig’s Ears: 7 Minute Egg, Kale, Lentils,
Rosemary Caper Vinaigrette, Hot Sauce | 14

Roasted Bone Marrow: Herb Salad,
Cured Egg Yolk, Sauce Vierge | 24

Seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras: Ginger Biscuit, Mango Puree, Tandoori Spice  | 27


Three Cheese Board | 15
Buckwheat Rosemary Cracker, Walnut and
Date Bread, Garnishes

Murrays Maasdam
Cow, Netherlands

Bianco Sardo
Sheep, Italy

Goat, Spain



Duck Bolognese: Tartufo Pecorino, Herbs,
Garlic Crostini | 14

Le Québécois Veal Tartare: Burgundy Truffle,
Quail Egg, Lardo, Pickled Mustard Seeds, Toast | 17

Spanish Rabbit in Gose Beer: Egg Noodles, Carrots, Pancetta, Sofrito | 17

Iberico Pork Loin: Massa de Pimentao,
Sauteed Greens, Black Mission Figs | 18

Balsamic Marinated Hanger Steak:
Warm Radicchio and Oyster Mushroom Salad,
Salsa Verde, F&P Steak Sauce | 18

Griggstown Chicken Breast: Roasted Marble Potatoes, Green Olive Relish, Buttermilk Truffle Vinaigrette | 26

Grass Fed NY Strip Steak:
6oz. Wolf Farm, Pa.
Eggplant Caponata, Red Wine Butter | 29