Retail Wine Box Sets

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Set # 1: Regional Volcanic Wines

Featuring: Benanti Family, Gai’a Estate and Suertes del Marques

With fiery molten channels that stretch far below the surface, volcanoes connect us to the very core of the Earth. Active or dormant – they resonate with an energy and beauty beyond that of mere mountains.
Their violent origins also tend to create stunning natural landscapes rife with unique and intriguing terroirs stemming from the eclectic layering of mineral rich deposits over their eruptive past.
Terroirs are, not only physical locales, but also destinations of the mind. Travel then with these wines. To eruptions and solitude. To passions and grace.
Journey to the slopes of Mount Etna and taste what the Benanti Family has been perfecting for the past two hundred years, or explore modern approaches and aromatic expressions of Santorini’s Slopes with Gai’a Estate’s Assyrtiko, or delve into unique viticulture with Suertes del Marques on the archipelago that is the Canary Islands.
Taste the unique character of the soil and cultures which exist under sky and volcano. Where fire delivers flavour awaiting in what only the sheer, raw, unadulterated power of Earth’s energy could create.

$135 Per Box Set

Each set contains wine descriptions and recommended food pairing.

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